We provide mats and all the props that are used in classes. We also have a changing area for you, so you can dress here. There is a water dispenser, just in case you forget yours. We are looking forward to practicing with you!


Weekly Yoga Class Schedule

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Drop in: $18

5-class pass: $65

10-class pass: $120

New student 3-class pass: $30

Seniors(55 yrs)/Students:

Drop-in: $13 

5-class pass: $60

10-class pass: $110

Community Yoga:

Suggested donation: $5-10 

Inner Bliss Yoga
all levels

This beginning to moderate class is designed to help you experience calmness and joy and bring you into your center where bliss resides. We will use yoga postures and our breath as the bridge to balance mind and body, beginning with dynamic poses and then flowing into asanas that draw the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative, blissful state.

Chair Yoga
all levels

In this class, we will learn how yoga can be adapted to our body limitations. Integrating centering breathing techniques, warm-ups and exercises done in and using a chair, we hope to inspire each individual to incorporate yoga safely in their daily routine and, reap the benefits of practicing yoga daily.

Inner Bliss Yoga (Intermediate)

Drop-in Classes

This is a challenging and vigorous class of moderate difficulty. Build a dynamic, mindful asana practice designed to help you experience calmness and deep satisfaction though energy shifts, triggered by body movement and longer holds. We incorporate pranayama, yoga asanas and affirmations. Each class ends with deep relaxation and a brief guided meditation. Modifications are offered to fit the needs of individual students.

Awake & Ready!

This dynamic yoga class focuses on awakening energy with an emphasis on
balance, stability and strength. Start your day energized & refreshed!

all levels
all levels
Yoga for Calm Resilience
all levels
Gentle Yoga for a Healthy Spine
all levels
Restorative Yoga
all levels

Come and experience Ananda Yoga with Certified Ananda Yoga Teachers! We believe in making yoga accessible to all. In the spirit of this we are offering an affordable, donation-based class on Saturdays.  This is a perfect opportunity to meet our teachers and enjoy an inward experience of yoga postures. All levels welcome. 

Suggested donation of $5-10


Each Sunday, take a moment to pause, reset and return to your center. Remember that yoga postures are a practice of tapping into your inner strength, again and again. Use this class to pull your energy back in from the fray to uplift and sustain you for the week ahead. All levels welcome.

Gentle Yoga is a meditative style of yoga that combines classic asanas with affirmation and breath work. This approach strengthens muscles, increases flexibility, recharges the energy system of the body and naturally draws the mind inward to a relaxed, meditative state. With emphasis on safety and correct alignment, modifications are offered to fit the needs of each individual student. Recommended for all levels.

Restorative yoga is an opportunity to relax, unwind, and release anxiety and physical tension. Poses are held for 5 to 10 minutes using props: blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps for support and comfort. Coupled with breathing exercises, these long holds promote deep relaxation, balance of the nervous system, decrease stress, and increase flexibility and energy flow. All levels.



My experience of Ananda Yoga is beyond words. I have become 
a much stronger person inside and out. The teachers are so 
loving and caring. The focus is not only on the physical aspect 
of it, but more so on the mental and spiritual part.
—F. Maha, Sunnyvale

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