My favorite spot for yoga

I have several spots in my house, where I like to practice. When I feel more inward, meditative and contemplative, I like to practice in the bedroom, next to my meditation area. If I need an energetic boost, I do a couple sun salutations and standing poses in the sunlight of my living room. It energizes and refreshes me. It feels like the rooms energy directly influences the outcome of my practice. Think about what types of energies your home has - is there a place, where there is more female, receptive, moon energy present? Maybe you can practice there if you need to calm down, unwind or contemplate something. And on the opposite site, where is the action in your home taking place? Where is sunlight, where does it feel vitalizing and energizing. These are your power places to get you ready for a project, a long day, or smoother accomplishment you need fiery power for. But as always, your consciousness in your practice will determine the outcome. On the mat now, dear one <3